Dr Alla Detinko
School of Computer Science - Marie Curie Fellow    


Postal address: 

School of Computer Science
North Haugh
St Andrews

United Kingdom

E-mail: ad271@st-andrews.ac.uk

I am a Marie Curie Fellow in the School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews. This position is funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship grant under Horizon 2020 (EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation); see details here.





My work deals with algebra at the interface with computer science. My main results are in computational group theory (design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms for computing with groups and related algebraic structures), linear groups, and subgroups of algebraic groups.

Currently my focus is development of a frontier domain of computational algebra: computing with groups given by a finite set of matrices over an infinite field. The algorithms which I have designed with my coauthors are implemented in the main computer algebra systems, providing the first-ever practical software for computing in this class of groups, and enabling completely new opportunities for mathematical experiments.


Information about my previous research activities including conferences which I co-organized could be found here.



Some recent publications


Book: Probabilistic Group Theory, Combinatorics, and Computing, Lectures from the Fifth de Brún Workshop, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 2070, Springer, 2013, 114 pp. (eds: with D. Flannery, E. O'Brien)



 (see other publications here )



Some software 




Selected conference presentations


-      Groups St Andrews 2017 in Birmingham, (University of Birmingham, UK); (slides).

-          Computational Group Theory, 2016 (Oberwolfach, Germany).

-          Algorithms for Linear Groups, 2014 (Banff International Research Station, Canada); (video).

-          Groups, Computation and Geometries, 2014 (Colorado State University, USA).

-          Groups St Andrews 2013 (University of St Andrews, Scotland); (more…).

-          Questions, Algorithms, and Computations in Abstract Group Theory, 2013 (TU Braunschweig, Germany).

-          Computational Group Theory, 2011 (Oberwolfach, Germany).

-          Combinatorics, Groups, Algorithms, and Complexity, 2010 (The Ohio State University, USA), (more...).

-          Groups St Andrews 2009, (University of Bath, UK).

-          The 11th Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra, 2008 (Levico Terme, Italy). 

-          Nikolaus Conference 2006, (RWTH, Aachen, Germany).



Some slides of my talks

   -       Linear groups and computation, RWTH, Aachen, 25 May, 2016 here.

   -      Computing with infinite linear groups: recent advances and open problems, MFO, Oberwolfach, Germany, 2 August 2016 here.



Selected events


         Third de Brún Workshop on Computational Algebra here.

         International Conference on Design Theory and Applications here.

         The 5th de Brún Workshop here.